We are thrilled to announce that the Women Winning Annual Luncheon will take place in-person on Monday, June 27th, featuring an expert conversation with Dr. Sarah Traxler*, Dr. Julie Amaon, Erin Maye Quade, and Rep. Kelly Morrison, moderated by Sheletta Brundidge! With our most important work ahead of us, we are honored to be able to gather together to support and elect our best advocates — pro-choice women who will protect reproductive rights for generations to come.

Forty years ago, this movement – beginning with the Minnesota Women’s Campaign Fund – started with 25 bipartisan women in a living room. And now, Women Winning has grown with 19,000+ people united in our work to recruit, train, and elect pro-choice women to all levels of public office.

When the Minnesota Women’s Campaign Fund was started in 1982, only 14% of Minnesota legislators were women. Today, 24% of Minnesota legislators are pro-choice women. Our mission over the years has remained the same: recruiting women to run, engaging volunteers, and supporting campaigns across the state.

This year, we face our most important work yet. As it stands in the leaked draft Supreme Court majority opinion, the Supreme Court is set to end the constitutional right to an abortion, setting Minnesota up to be one of the only states in the region where choice will stand. 

We know the anti-choice movement is galvanized. And we know their attempts to strip Minnesotans of their rights to safe, legal abortion won’t stop.

We need our best advocates – pro-choice women – in the legislature, fighting to protect access to safe, legal abortion for generations to come. And because of redistricting, every single seat in the Minnesota state government is up for election in 2022. 

Our work in 2022 is going to be tough, but it will be mighty. What we do right now impacts reproductive rights across our region for years to come. That’s why, now more than ever, we need you with us as we work with pro-choice women running for office and organize to elect the pro-choice leaders we deserve.

More information about the event, sponsorship opportunities, and individual tickets is available HERE. We hope that you will join us!

*Organizational affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.

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