Women Winning recruits, trains, and elects pro-choice women to all levels of public office. Women Winning’s 2022 endorsement program has started and we will continue to make endorsements throughout the election cycle. Visit our Endorsement page to learn more about the process and power of Women Winning’s endorsement. 




This is a new era of pro-choice women’s leadership. 2020 was the most important election of our lifetimes, and pro-choice women shattered ceilings, protected majorities, and flipped critical seats! Visit our Recent Wins page to meet the powerful pro-choice women leaders we’re proud to support.

Pro-choice women continue to step up to run for office and serve their communities, and Women Winning is committed to expanding representation for generations to come. We are determined to elect our best advocates in 2022 when the entire Minnesota legislature is on the ballot because of redistricting, and beyond. 

Who we elect matters.

100% of Women Winning’s work to recruit, train, support, and advise pro-choice women candidates is free-of-charge. Make a contribution to support the critical work of electing our best advocates in 2022, and beyond.

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