Today, Women Winning announced the endorsement of 31 pro-choice women running for the Minnesota state legislature in 2020. 

“Pro-choice women are our best advocates and, at this critical moment, Women Winning is working tirelessly to elect leaders who will protect our rights,” said Meggie Wittorf, Executive Director of Women Winning. “In 2018, voters were galvanized by pro-choice women running up and down the ballot and Minnesota realized record-high voter turnout. With all 201 Minnesota Senate and House seats on the ballot in 2020, pro-choice women candidates continue to step up to run and are once again inspiring Minnesotans to organize, volunteer, and vote to elect the government they deserve. Women Winning is proud to endorse a powerful slate of candidates this January and we look forward to standing with them throughout this historic year — from the February caucuses, through the August primaries, and all the way to the November general election.”

Women Winning is proud to endorse 12 pro-choice women for Minnesota Senate:
Rita Albrecht, Senate District 5
Kari Dziedzic*, Senate District 60
Melisa Franzen*, Senate District 49
Melissa Halvorson Wiklund*, Senate District 50
Ann Johnson Stewart, Senate District 44
Mary Kunesh-Podein, Senate District 41
Erin Murphy, Senate District 64
Sandy Pappas*, Senate District 65
Lindsey Port, Senate District 56
Ann Rest*, Senate District 45
Patricia Torres Ray*, Senate District 63
Bonnie Westlin, Senate District 34

Women Winning is proud to endorse 19 pro-choice women for Minnesota House of Representatives:
Patty Acomb*, House District 44B
Jamie Becker-Finn*, House District 42B
Kaela Berg, House District 56B
Connie Bernardy*, House District 41A
Aisha Gomez*, House District 62B
Laurie Halverson*, House District 51B
Hodan Hassan*, House District 62A
Kaohly Her*, House District 64A
Athena Hollins, House District 66B
Melissa Hortman*, House District 36B
Tina Liebling*, House District 26A
Amanda Matchett, House District 37B
Rena Moran*, House District 65A
Liz Olson*, House District 07B
Jeanne Poppe*, House District 27B
Laurie Pryor*, House District 48A
Jennifer Schultz*, House District 07A
Samantha Vang*, House District 40B
Kelsey Waits, House District 54B


Despite recent gains, pro-choice women are still significantly underrepresented in the Minnesota legislature. Pro-choice women comprise less than 15% of the Minnesota Senate and less than 25% of the Minnesota House. 

Women Winning’s targeted endorsement program aims to protect and expand hard-fought wins of pro-choice women in the Minnesota House and to flip the Minnesota Senate to a pro-choice majority in 2020. In addition to re-electing incumbents who have long championed reproductive rights, Women Winning is recruiting and mentoring candidates in competitive districts to significantly increase pro-choice women’s representation in both chambers. 

Meet the pro-choice women running in 2020

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