Through one-on-one coaching, tailored to the specific circumstances and dynamics of a given race, Women Winning expert Political Directors offer strategic advice and mentorship to pro-choice women running for all levels of office. From building campaign plans and reviewing budgets, to creating actionable checklists and navigating shifting political landscapes, Women Winning is with a candidate on every step on the campaign trail.

I met with Women Winning to find out what would be required and how a campaign might work. I felt so supported: Women Winning’s Political Director came prepared with information and resources that allowed me to understand the process and equip myself for the work ahead, which was incredibly valuable given that I had never run for office before. Once I officially entered the race, Women Winning met and checked in with me weekly to offer support, connections, and counsel for just about everything: setting up a campaign, effective fundraising, voter contact work, and organizing a community, and much more.

Sen. Ann Johnson Stewart

Minnesota Senate, District 44

Women Winning walked me through the entire process of running for office—from the initial training, to fundraising advice, to facilitating community connections. As a first-time candidate, they helped me stay grounded and committed to my values, while also helping me to understand the realistic landscape of my campaign. Women Winning worked closely with me and my campaign team to help us navigate the complex political system and related organizations, and they provided me with honest and supportive feedback. They pushed me to work harder and step into my power. With Women Winning on my side, I didn’t feel alone; I had an established team with the experience, resources and know-how to be successful.

Rep. Athena Hollins

Minnesota House of Representatives, District 66B

 From the point that I decided to run, Women Winning was ready and willing to support me and my team as we embarked on what seemed improbable; mounting a primary challenge. Yet, with Women Winning’s consultations during the endorsement and primary elections we were able to create and deliver a message that spoke to the issues of people within the district and win the seat.

Rep. Esther Agbaje

Minnesota House of Representatives, District 59B

Ready to run?

If you are a pro-choice woman running for office or considering the next step on your political journey, we want to support you! Email [email protected] to learn more about upcoming trainings, available resources, and to connect with a member of our political team.  

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