2020 Election Report Card

Minnesota election results are in and there’s no two ways about it: pro-choice women candidates shattered ceilings, protected majorities and flipped critical seats!

We’re proud to release Women Winning’s 2020 Election Report Card — a detailed summary of our candidates’ incredible electoral success and the hard work we did together to make it possible!

Women Winning 2020 Victories

  • Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States
  • Tina Smith, U.S. Senate
  • Angie Craig, U.S. House, Congressional District 2
  • Betty McCollum, U.S. House, Congressional District 4
  • Ilhan Omar, U.S. House, Congressional District 5
  • Jen McEwen, MN Senate, District 7
  • Chris Eaton, MN Senate, District 40
  • Mary Kunesh, MN Senate, District 41
  • Ann Johnson Stewart, MN Senate, District 44
  • Ann Rest, MN Senate, District 45
  • Melissa Franzen, MN Senate, District 49
  • Melissa Halvorson Wiklund, MN Senate, District 50
  • Susan Kent, MN Senate, District 53
  • Karla Bigham, MN Senate, District 54
  • Lindsey Port, MN Senate, District 56
  • Kari Dziedzic, MN Senate, District 60
  • Patricia Torres Ray, MN Senate, District 63
  • Erin Murphy, MN Senate, District 64
  • Sandy Pappas, MN Senate, District 65
  • Heather Keeler, MN House, District 4A
  • Jennifer Schultz, MN House, District 7A
  • Liz Olson, MN House, District 7B
  • Liz Boldon, MN House, District 25B
  • Tina Liebling, MN House, District 26A
  • Kelly Morrison, MN House, District 33B
  • Kristin Bahner, MN House, District 34B
  • Melissa Hortman, MN House, District 36B
  • Erin Koegel, MN House, District 37A
  • Ami Wazlawik, MN House, District 38B
  • Shelly Christensen, MN House, District 39B
  • Samantha Vang, MN House, District 40B
  • Connie Bernardy, MN House, District 41A
  • Sandra Feist, MN House, District 41B
  • Kelly Moller, MN House, District 42A
  • Jamie Becker-Finn, MN House, District 42B
  • Ginny Klevorn, MN House, District 44A
  • Patty Acomb, MN House, District 44B
  • Cheryl Youakim, MN House, District 46B
  • Laurie Pryor, MN House, District 48A
  • Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn, MN House, District 48B
  • Heather Edelson, MN House, District 49A
  • Sandra Masin, MN House, District 51A
  • Liz Reyer, MN House, District 51B
  • Ruth Richardson, MN House, District 52B
  • Jess Hanson, MN House, District 56A
  • Kaela Berg, MN House, District 56B
  • Esther Agbaje, MN House, District 59B
  • Sydney Jordan, MN House, District 60A
  • Hodan Hassan, MN House, District 62A
  • Aisha Gomez, MN House, District 62B
  • Emma Greenman, MN House, District 63B
  • Kaohly Her, MN House, District 64A
  • Rena Moran, MN House, District 65A
  • Alice Hausman, MN House, District 66A
  • Athena Hollins, MN House, District 66B
  • Debbie Goettel, County Board, Hennepin County, District 5
  • Laurie Halverson, County Board, Dakota County, District 3
  • Nicole Frethem, County Board, Ramsey County, District 1
  • Victoria Reinhardt, County Board, Ramsey County, District 7
  • Ashley Grimm, County Board, St Louis County, District 3
  • Amáda Márquez Simula, Mayor, Columbia Heights
  • Sheila Webb, City Council, Robbinsdale
  • Laura Caroon, City Council, Moorhead
  • Robyn Gulley, City Council, West St.Paul
  • Lisa Eng-Sarne, City Council, West St.Paul
  • Julie Strahan, City Council, Roseville
  • Marquita Butler, City Council, Brooklyn Center
  • Helen Bassett, School Board, Robbinsdale
  • Jessica Garcia, School Board, Rochester
  • Kim Ellison, School Board, Minneapolis
  • Cassidy Bjorklund, School Board, Moorhead

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