Join young professionals to promote women's leadership through signature events like Wine, Chocolate & Choice, Building Power Happy Hours, campaign & candidate support through our Political Action Series.


Launch is a dynamic committee within Women Winning, committed to advancing our mission.  Launch focuses on three signature actions:

1. Wine, Chocolate & Choice. Help organize our premier women's networking event that focuses on building political power and celebrating International Women's Day.

2. Building Power Happy Hour: Launch hosts quarterly networking events through the Twin Cities, all while enhancing leadership skills and connections.

3. Political Action Series: Engage with endorsed candidates and campaigns and use your talent to create real political power through fundraisers, door knocking, phone banking, and other actions!

Be a catalyst for change by bringing new members into our vibrant community.

LAUNCH photo from wine chocolate choice a women winning event
Launch at Wine, Chocolate, and Choice

Launch Benefits

Transformative Mentorship:

Imagine having direct access to the wisdom, networks, and experiences of established Women Winning leaders. Our transformational mentorship pairs you with seasoned members, fostering personal and professional growth through inspiring camaraderie and two-way learning. Join us in shaping the future of leadership.

Impactful Engagement:

Through our signature events, networking happy hours, and our poltical action series, you will be a part of creating a long lasting impact on the political landscape.

Launch is your opportunity to actively drive change, influence politics, and shape a brighter future. Embrace leadership, foster connections, and support pro-choice women in their journey to public office. Together, let's amplify women's voices and make history.

Learn more by contacting Nevada Littlewolf at [email protected]