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Your contribution to Women Winning helps us invest early and profoundly in unapologetically pro-choice women, and keeps our training and programming free-of-charge for all pro-choice women in Minnesota. To reduce the gender gap in political office, it is not enough to simply invite women to run - endorsements, financial backing, and other resources can be critical to electing women to office. Women Winning breaks down barriers that have kept women and underrepresented voices out of the political process by providing the resources needed to run and win. With our community, we’ve built a deep bench of leaders dedicated to enacting reproductive justice policies at all levels of office, and will continue to do so in 2023 and beyond.
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Who we elect matters. We need our best advocates in elected office at every level.
Your contribution helps Women Winning keep breaking down barriers that have kept women and underrepresented voices out of the political process.
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Representation & Redistricting Fund

Invest in the planning, organizing, and hard work required to elect our best advocates.
2022 is the first election after redistricting and the entire state legislature is on the ballot. Helps re-elect the 50 pro-choice women Minnesota legislators and increase pro-choice women’s representation.
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First, Not Last Fund

As a First, Not Last Fund member, you’ll receive political updates, early access to movement-building events, and more.
By pledging a monthly donation, you power Women Winning’s work to recruit, train, and elect pro-choice women up and down the ballot for generations to come. Glass ceilings, look out!