2022 Election Report Card

In the 2022 election, Minnesotans sent a clear message about their values and about who they trust to govern. For the first time in state history, Minnesota has a pro-choice trifecta. Pro-choice women were critical in securing this historic victory. 

We’re proud to release Women Winning’s 2022 Election Report Card – a detailed summary of our candidates’ outstanding electoral results and our coalition’s hard work that made it all possible!

Women Winning 2022 Victories

  • Peggy Flanagan, Lieutenant Governor
  • Julie Blaha, State Auditor
  • Angie Craig, U.S. House, Congressional District 2
  • Betty McCollum, U.S. House, Congressional District 4
  • Ilhan Omar, U.S. House, Congressional District 5
  • Jen McEwen, MN Senate, District 8
  • Liz Boldon, MN Senate, District 25
  • Heather Gustafson, MN Senate, District 36
  • Susan Pha, MN Senate, District 38
  • Mary Kunesh, MN Senate, District 39
  • Judy Seeberger, MN Senate, District 41
  • Bonnie Westlin, MN Senate, District 42
  • Ann Rest, MN Senate, District 43
  • Kelly Morrison, MN Senate, District 45
  • Nicole Mitchell, MN Senate, District 47
  • Alice Mann, MN Senate, District 50
  • Melissa Halvorson Wiklund, MN Senate, District 51
  • Lindsey Port, MN Senate, District 55
  • Erin Maye Quade, MN Senate, District 56
  • Kari Dziedzic, MN Senate, District 60
  • Zaynab Mohamed, MN Senate, District 63
  • Erin Murphy, MN Senate, District 64
  • Sandy Pappas, MN Senate, District 65
  • Clare Oumou Verbeten, MN Senate, District 66
  • Heather Keeler, MN House, District 4A
  • Liz Olson, MN House, District 8A
  • Alicia Kozlowlski, MN House, District 8B
  • Tina Liebling, MN House, District 24B
  • Kimberly Hicks, MN House, District 25A
  • Melissa Hortman, MN House, District 34B
  • Brion Curran, MN House, District 36B
  • Kristin Bahner, MN House, District 37B
  • Samantha Vang, MN House, District 38B
  • Erin Koegel, MN House, District 39A
  • Sandra Feist, MN House, District 39B
  • Kelly Moller, MN House, District 40A
  • Jamie Becker-Finn, MN House, District 40B
  • Ginny Klevorn, MN House, District 42B
  • Patty Acomb, MN House, District 45B
  • Cheryl Youakim, MN House, District 46B
  • Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger, MN House, District 47A
  • Lucy Rehm, MN House, 48B
  • Laurie Pryor, MN House, District 49A
  • Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn, MN House, District 49B
  • Heather Edelson, MN House, District 50A
  • Liz Reyer, MN House, District 52A
  • Ruth Richardson, MN House, District 52B
  • Mary Frances Clardy, MN House, District 53A
  • Jess Hanson, MN House, District 55A
  • Kaela Berg, MN House, District 55B
  • Kristi Pursell, MN House, District 58A
  • Esther Agbaje, MN House, District 59B
  • Sydney Jordan, MN House, District 60A
  • Aisha Gomez, MN House, District 62A
  • Hodan Hassan, MN House, District 62B
  • Samantha Sencer-Mura, MN House, District 63A
  • Emma Greenman, MN House, District 63B
  • Kaohly Her, MN House, District 64A
  • María Isa Pérez-Vega, MN House, District 65B
  • Leigh Finke, MN House, District 66A
  • Athena Hollins, MN House, District 66B
  • Liz Lee, MN House, 67A
  • April Graves, Mayor, Brooklyn Center
  • Amáda Márquez Simula, Mayor, Columbia Heights
  • Mary Supple, Mayor, Richfield
  • Kim Norton, Mayor, Rochester
  • Julie Jeppson, County Board, Anoka, District 6
  • Mandy Meisner, County Board, Anoka, District 7
  • Laurie Halverson, County Board, Dakota, District 3
  • Irene Fernando, County Board, Hennepin, District 2
  • Marion Greene, County Board, Hennepin, District 3
  • Angela Conley, County Board, Hennepin, District 4
  • Trista MatasCastillo, County Board, Ramsey, District 3
  • Rena Moran, County Board, Ramsey, District 4
  • Karla Bigham, County Board, Washington, District 4
  • Emily Rousseau, City Council, Arden Hills
  • Lori Saroya, City Council, Blaine
  • Nichole Klonowski, City Council, Brooklyn Park
  • Wendy Berry, City Council, West St. Paul
  • Rachel James, City Council, Columbia Heights
  • Therese Kiser, City Council, Crystal
  • Kristy Janigo, City Council, Maple Grove
  • Carly Johnson, City Council, Oak Park Heights
  • Mia Z Parisian, City Council, Robbinsdale

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