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2023 Election Report Card

In the 2023 election, Minnesotans sent a clear message about their values and about who they trust to govern at a local level. We are proud to announce a fantastic breadth of pro-choice victories across Minnesota!

We’re proud to release Women Winning’s 2023 Election Report Card – a detailed summary of our candidates’ outstanding electoral results and our coalition’s hard work that made it all possible!

Women Winning 2023 Victories

  • Jenna Carter, Bloomington City Council At-Large*
  • Lona Dallessandro, Bloomington City Council, Ward 3*
  • Nelly Korman, Bloomington School Board, At-Large*
  • Mia Olson, Bloomington School Board, At-Large*
  • Heather Starks, Bloomington School Board, At-Large*
  • Wendy Durrwachter, Duluth City Council District 1
  • Janet Kennedy, Duluth City Council District 5*
  • Stephanie Williams, Duluth School Board, At-Large
  • Sarah Mikesell, Duluth School Board, District 2
  • Sophia Ginis, Golden Valley City Council, At-Large*
  • Shannon Andreson, Hopkins School Board, At-Large*
  • Brooke Roper, Hopkins School Board, At-Large
  • Robin Wonsley, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 2*
  • LaTrisha Vetaw, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 4*
  • Katie Cashman, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 7
  • Andrea Jenkins, Minnepolis City Council, Ward 8*
  • Aisha Chughtai, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 10*
  • Emily Koski, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 11*
  • Aurin Chowdhury, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 12
  • Linea Palmisano, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 13
  • Patsy Foster-Bolton, Minnetonka City Council, District 1
  • Rebecca Schack, Minnetonka City Council, District 2*
  • Paula Ramaley, Minnetonka City Council, District 3
  • Kissy Coakley, Minnetonka City Council, District 4*
  • Anna Williams, Rosemount-AV-Eagan School Board
  • Wendy Webster, St. Anthony Mayor
  • Lona Doolan, St. Anthony City Council, At-Large
  • Nadia Mohamed, St. Louis Park Mayor
  • Anika Bowie, St. Paul City City Council, Ward 1
  • Rebecca Noecker, St. Paul City Council, Ward 2*
  • Saura Jost, St. Paul City Council, Ward 3
  • Mitra Jalali, St. Paul City Council, Ward 4*
  • HwaJeong Kim, St. Paul City Council, Ward 5
  • Nelsie Yang, St. Paul City Council, Ward 6*
  • Cheniqua Johnson, St. Paul City Council, Ward 7
  • Chauntyll Allen, St. Paul School Board, At-Large *
  • Erica Valliant, School Board, At-Large 
  • Shanon Nowell, St. Peter Mayor*
  • Keri Johnson, St. Peter City Council, Ward 1*

* Incumbent

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