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Congresswoman Betty McCollum

With women at the table, bringing diverse perspectives, we have a better, richer, fuller discussion and better outcomes. The impact of having more women in Congress — from Minnesota and from across the country — has been fantastic.

Councilwoman Carly Johnson

Having Women Winning’s endorsement, I felt there was a sense of legitimacy. I wasn’t just someone that was putting their name on the ballot. There was actually support and I wasn’t alone… To have Women Winning acknowledge that my race was important gave me confidence. It was really helpful to know that someone believed in me and thought that I could do it.

Commissioner Toni Carter

The fervor and enthusiasm for women candidates is widespread. There is a growing understanding that women’s voices and the voice of people of color are critical — and we need to sustain that momentum… Together we are creating an incredible movement to boos us not just over the next hill, but even higher.

Mayor Emily Larson

I have many times faced others’ doubts about whether or not I’m tough enough or strong enough. I am underestimated on a fairly regular basis. People will turn to a man in the room, or a man sitting next to me, and speak to him. I know what I’m capable of and I’m comfortable showing it. When I have been challenged on whether I’m tough enough to make a decision, my first reaction is “try me.” I can do my own hard work. I can do my own heavy lifting. I am the steady resilient leader that my community needs…

Rep. Kelly Moller

Have you seen that jarring image – of the group of men sitting around the table with President Trump talking about women’s reproductive rights? There wasn’t a single woman in the room making that decision. We need to have pro-choice women at the table to make decisions about our own bodies.

Sen. Melisa Franzen

When I made the decision to run, Women Winning was there from the inception — literally setting up our website, our remit envelopes, our lawn signs that we used for precinct caucus. Women Winning helped me build a foundation and get started. If you’re considering running for office, there’s a great group of pro-choice people who will stand behind you if you are willing to put your name out there. We need more pro-choice women at the table. Running for office is not a crazy idea! It’s possible, and we’ll help you get there.

Rep. Kaohly Her

I sit on the Judiciary Committee, and when we’re looking to improve laws that impact men there’s no pushback… But when we’re talking about legislation concerning marital rape, or sexual harassment, or child marriage, or rights for women who are in same-sex marriages…we see pushback…We have to have women at the table.