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Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan

If anything, the past couple of months have shown that democracy isn’t guaranteed. We have to tend to it and care for it — we can’t take it for granted. And we can’t take our rights and our own reproductive healthcare for granted.

Rep. Rena Moran

When we talk about equity, it is not the icing on the cake — something extra, something additional. It has to be the butter in the cake, embedded in how we do our work. I want to help my colleagues be intentional about doing our work through a race equity lens.

Standing with you in the fight for democracy.

Women Winning works to elect our best advocates because we believe in the great power and promise of our democratic institutions. This week’s events are a painful reminder that these institutions are fragile — only as strong as the individuals willing to defend them.

Sen. Erin Murphy

It is time for us, not to intentionally inflame the other side, but to make sure we’re doing everything in the law to protect people’s reproductive freedom… it’s time for us to get rid of barriers, and make sure people think of abortion care and reproductive care as healthcare — because they are.

Made Vice President Kamala Harris!

The votes have been counted, the American people have spoken, and Kamala Harris will be the next Vice President of the United States! After 244 years, we have officially elected the first Madam Vice President!

Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein

I’m thankful for the women around me and the leaders across our state who are looking at this crisis with unique perspectives. Women are asking important questions… Women are looking to work together, come together, and make the situation better for everybody. There are bumpy spots ahead, but we will persevere and come out strong.

Jess McIntosh

We have a number of women running for President and, while they still face a bigger uphill challenge than the men running, we can see [sexism] and we are more prepared to talk about it. The sunlight helps us. These conversations are uncomfortable, but it’s how we clear the path.