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Pro-choice women candidates were critical in Minnesota’s new pro-choice trifecta

Today, Women Winning, Minnesota’s largest women’s political organization, announced the endorsement of nineteen more pro-choice women candidates running for the Minnesota Legislature in 2022. 

Saint Paul, Minn. (November 9, 2022) – Last night pro-choice women candidates across Minnesota had exciting and critical victories in the 2022 General Election. Pro-choice women candidates were critical in Minnesota’s new pro-choice trifecta.

“Last night Minnesotans sent a clear message about their values and about who they trust to govern. 65% of Women Winning endorsed candidates won their elections. Up and down the ballot, voters turned out for pro-choice women and firmly rejected the out-of-touch agenda pushed by anti-choice opponents. Pro-choice women candidates played a crucial role in flipping both anti-choice legislative chambers to pro-choice majorities and keeping all statewide offices in the hands of pro-choice leaders. The results are clear: Minnesotans look to leaders who will protect and expand abortion access and uphold fundamental rights,” said Nevada Littlewolf, Women Winning Executive Director. “After the devastation caused by the Dobbs decision, this election is an important reminder of our collective power. The pro-choice majority has spoken – we will not go back. We will fight to ensure every person has access to the healthcare they need.”

Minnesotans decisively supported pro-choice candidates leading the ballot. Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan and Governor Tim Walz won re-election, defeating staunchly anti-choice opponents. State Auditor Julie Blaha was also re-elected to serve her second term.

Pro-choice women in the legislature were re-elected and increased representation in both chambers. 100% of Women Winning endorsed legislative incumbents won their re-election campaigns, and 22 new pro-choice women will be serving in the Minnesota Legislature. Additionally, the total number of pro-choice women elected to the legislature has increased in both chambers. Come January, there will be 38 pro-choice women serving in the House and 19 pro-choice women serving in the Senate (previously there were 36 pro-choice women in the State House and 14 in the State Senate).

At the Congressional level, Minnesotans overwhelmingly voted to re-elect U.S. Representative Betty McCollum (Congressional District 4) and U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (Congressional District 5), sending long-time pro-choice champions back to Congress. In a competitive race, U.S. Representative Angie Craig (Congressional District 2) came out on top, keeping this seat in the hands of a reproductive rights leader.

Last night pro-choice women achieved historic wins, reaching long-overdue milestones. Erin Maye Quade (Senate District 56), Zaynab Mohamed (Senate District 63), and Clare Oumou Verbeten (Senate District 66) will be the first Black women to serve in the Minnesota Senate after their victories last night. Erin will also be the first out lesbian elected to the Minnesota State Senate. After a sweeping victory, Leigh Finke (House District 66A) will be the first openly transgender woman elected to the Minnesota Legislature.

Women Winning is proud to have endorsed and supported 130 pro-choice women on the ballot for the General Election. The organization’s targeted endorsement program centers on pro-choice women candidates with the goal of electing a truly representative government and creating a more equitable Minnesota.

Women Winning’s 2022 electoral goals include protecting Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan, U.S. Representative Angie Craig, and Auditor Julie Blaha; flipping the anti-choice Minnesota Senate; and electing a pro-choice majority to the Minnesota House.

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